Bioleth’s Story

“Now that we are in this program, we feel as if we matter. We no longer have to choose between sending our kids to school and meeting their basic needs.” 

Bioleth’s dream is for her boys to have a secure life and to survive without struggling. She and her husband know that education is the path to realizing this dream. But with two sons in grade school, one in middle school and one in high school, it would cost them several hundred dollars a year to send all four boys to school. Unlike in the U.S., public school in Mexico is not free. Bioleth works full-time at a school cafeteria and her husband works full-time at the local bus station. Their combined income of $75 a week is barely enough to meet their family’s basic needs, let alone send their four boys to school.

Thanks to support from Steps of Love, this mother is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue her boys’ education. Bioleth and her husband are always telling their boys to “study, study, study—because that is what is going to help you have a better life!” Steps of Love is committed to the belief that a good education is a child’s best chance to escape poverty.

Further adding to her family’s challenges, Bioleth was recently diagnosed with cancer. On top of education expenses, the added stress of medical care expenses makes our support for this family more important than ever.

Your support helps us continue working with our local team to do whatever it takes to help students succeed and thrive. For as little as $35 a month, you can sponsor a student’s ongoing education. Families like Bioleth’s can enjoy the benefits—and peace of mind—of knowing that their children have the opportunity for a better future.