From Intern to Instructor—A Success Story

“I have seen for myself how important this program is to the community and the significant impact it is having.”

Brianda has always dreamed of becoming a teacher and knew that she wanted to go to college to study education. She took out student loans, but after two years—and despite working two jobs—found that making payments was nearly impossible.

That’s when a university faculty member referred Brianda to Steps of Love. In exchange for serving as an intern tutoring young students in Homework Clubs where they receive additional academic support, Steps of Love would cover her remaining tuition payments.

Brianda quickly became an essential part of the team, developing into an exceptional educator. One year later, she has graduated from college—and joined the Steps of Love education team full time.

Growing up in Rocky Point, Brianda has seen the negative impact on the entire community from the lack of educational opportunities. “Imagine if every young person in this community were in this program and given access to quality educational opportunities,” says Brianda. “We would have fewer people living on the streets, becoming addicted to drugs or committing crimes.”

Steps of Love currently serves 588 students from families who, like so many in Mexico, lack the resources to pay for their children’s education. Without our program, these students face bleak prospects of receiving a quality education. And without Steps of Love, Brianda wouldn’t have been able to finish college and become the extraordinary educator she was always meant to be.

For as little as $35 a month, you can sponsor a student’s ongoing education. Your support helps us continue working with our local team to help students—and teachers like Brianda—succeed and thrive…every step of the way!