One child. Every step of the way.

Education can truly transform a young person’s life. By setting up a one-time or monthly sponsorship donation, you can help provide a young person with a path out of poverty through education.

There are tax deductible giving levels for everyone.

Due to the pandemic, our students and their families continue to face and be challenged with unprecedented financial and emotions stress. Your monthly or annual sponsorship will provide a local student in need with ongoing resources and support they need to go to school and succeed academically.

Types of ongoing support sponsored students receive include:

  • Funding for tuition, books, fees
  • School day meals and transportation
  • Daily academic support and educational materials
  • Access to medical and dental care and more…

Support Students in Crisis

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has left more students in Puerto Peñasco than ever before in need of crucial educational support. Without access to the internet, versatile electronic devices and other supplies required for remote learning, the students throughout the community are now at high risk of dropping out of school. Our local team is working tirelessly to provide hundreds of young people daily with the support they need to stay in school until in-person classes can resume. We have never needed student sponsors more than we do right now so please consider sponsoring a young person today!

Steps of Love reserves the right to direct the sponsorship donations to areas with the greatest need.
“Without this support he would not have been able to continue his studies past middle school. Now, thanks to this program, he is in college studying engineering and we have hope for a better life. ” – Jesus Daniel’s mother

“Knowing that my small monthly investment is helping to change the life of these two young people means so much to me. Sponsorship has not only changed the lives of the two students I support, but it has changed my life as well”
– Mary, monthly Sponsor of two students

FAQs & Legal

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