Straight-A student’s success story


“The truth is, without this support, I don’t know where he would be.” 
– Maria, Jesus Daniel’s mother

When Jesus Daniel entered the Steps of Love–AIM Peñasco program, he and his mother were desperate for the opportunity for him to attend high school. This bright, straight-A middle school student was facing the possibility of dropping out of school because his single, full-time working mother couldn’t afford to pay the cost of public high school (tuition, registration, uniforms, books, etc.).

After joining the program four years ago, Jesus Daniel graduated from high school in June 2019 at the top of his class, with honors. He started college at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior in Durango, Mexico last semester, where he is studying engineering.

Watch Jesus Daniel’s success story and learn firsthand how the Steps of Love–AIM Peñasco partnership empowered him to stay in school—and helped him change the trajectory of his life.

Supporting driven students like Jesus Daniel makes what we do worthwhile. We believe in our students and want to give them every opportunity to thrive in school—and beyond!

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