Arizona Tax Credit

Calling all Arizona residents! You can reduce your state tax bill as a credit or a refund. You get your money right back! 


Your participation is vital for the continued growth and success of our programs. Contribute up to $400 if you file as single and up to $800 if you file as married to directly fund educational expenses that include:

  • Tuition
  • Registration fees
  • Textbook and school materials/supplies
  • Internet Access
  • Technology resources
  • Laptops
  • Lunches
Give your tax credit here!

Thanks to our partnership with the North Phoenix Kiwanis Club and Executive Council Charities/Support Arizona Youth, 70% of all tax credits are designated for Steps of Love. The remaining 30% goes to Kiwanis to help low-income kids and families. Please write Steps of Love in the memo box at checkout.

This is the Qualifying Charitable Organization tax credit, which is separate from the Public/Private School and Foster Care tax credit program. QCO code: 20589